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This is the official web site for the National office of Mended Hearts, Inc.  This web site contains a lot of information on the National organization, its officers and nationwide chapter organization structure, the organization's goals and objectives and much more.

  AFib & Stroke Initiative

  Mended Hearts has partnered with HeartCaring to help build awareness on the risk of

  stroke in AFib patients.  The following educational tools contain valuable information on how

  to manage AFib and prevent stroke: AFib and Stroke, AFib treatments To Help You Prevent

  Stroke, Warning Signs of Stroke For Those With AFib and Rehabilitation After Stroke.  This

  project has been supported by an educational grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.


                                                    Click HERE to view our AFib and Stroke educational tools.

  High Cholesterol and FH Go-To Guide
  This guide features valuable information on High Cholesterol and Familial 
  Hypercholesterolemia.  It offers interactive tools such as videos, quizzes and printable patient
  Click HERE to view the High Cholesterol and FH Go-To Guide.

Heartbeat Magazine
Heartbeat Magazine is a quarterly publication Mended Hearts distributes to members and subscribers all over the nation.  Each issue focuses on the topics
that matter most to our readers such as health tips, research updates, success stories, news on chapters and more.  
Click HERE to view the most recent Winter 2015 issue of Heartbeat Magazine.
To view additional Heartbeat Magazines and to access the Heartbeat Magazine archive, click HERE

HeartPack Patient Education
The Managing Your Heart Health Patient Resource Guide is an innovative electronic and print resource for physicians and patients about the prevention, management and treatment of heart disease.  This comprehensive patient education resource provides information about all aspects of heart disease from risk factors to treatment options.
Click HERE to view the Managing Your Heart Health Patient Resource Guide.

A Guide to Com Atrial Fibrillation
These materials provide education and support for the complicated Afib patient that encompasses both the patient and the caregiver to help empower patients to take control of their AFib and reduce their risk of stroke.
Click HERE to view A Patient's Guide to Complicated Atrial Fibrillation.
Click HERE to view A Caregiver's Guide to Complicated Atrial Fibrillation.

Caregiver Committee E-Newsletter
Mended Hearts recognizes the unique needs of caregivers and are committed to providing them with support and education.  Mended Hearts hosts a Caregiver Committee whose mission is to provide educational and emotional support to their local chapters.
Click on the Caregiver Committee E-Newsletter you would like to view:    

American College of Cardiology
Membership is restricted to cardiologists but the web site allows searches for clinical statements (new research) on all aspects of heart disease.

Posted Jan 19, 2014, 6:52 PM by Wright Hearts Chapter #61                                      

The Cleveland Clinic’s free online health chats allow you to talk with doctors about specific topics, some of which are heart-related.  To register for a specific discussion, or to see the full list of chats, log on to



      The following videos are
      inspirational as well as
      educational.  Enjoy!

      This video by Cleveland
      Clinic is guaranteed to bring
      tears to your eyes!  Watch it
      and weep!

      Heart disease is the leading
      cause of death among
      women.  Take a moment and
      watch this video brought to
      you by "Go Red For Women."

      The Vanderbilt Children's
      Hospital and Mark O'Shea
      make a video.