The Accredited Visiting program is the foundation on which Mended Hearts was formed.  As an Accredited Visitor, you will play a crucial role in helping Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts carry out its mission to offer hope and encouragement to heart patients and their families.
Locally, Mended Hearts members visit patients at the following twelve area hospitals:
Patients discovering that they have heart disease and will need surgery or another procedure often feel scared, angry, sad and sometimes lost. They worry that life will never be the same and that they won’t be able to do things they could do before the surgery or procedure. They frequently wonder if they will survive.

Patients and parents facing the diagnosis of a child with a heart defect need to know that they are not alone and that there is hope in the midst of the crisis. However, even well-meaning family and friends and compassionate medical staff may not be able to offer them the strength and comfort they need. By speaking with a trained patient or parent volunteer whose has survived these same difficult situations, patients and parents in crisis can work through their overwhelming emotions as they focus on the vital medical decisions at hand. Through the support system and educational resources of Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts, patients and families will be able to develop an immediate connection and begin to build sense of hope for the future.

During a hospital visit, a trained visitor offers a PATH Pack to each heart patient/family.  The folder includes health information, support group connections, guidance for making healthy lifestyle changes and maintaining a good quality of life after a heart event, local MHI chapter information, etc.  The current annual distribution is 160,000 households.

Who is visited?
  • Patients with heart disease and their caregivers.  
Who can visit?
Members in good standing of Mended Hearts who are Accredited Visitors.
  • All Accredited Visitors must attend annual re-accreditation training.
  • Must be a heart patient. Caregivers may visit family members. A caregiver Accredited Visitor should be accompanied by an Accredited Visitor who is a heart patient. 
  • Newly Accredited Visitors who have attended training. New visitors should be accompanied by an experienced Accredited Visitor until comfortable. These new visitors are evaluated during this time so they can receive the feedback they need to become the best Accredited Visitors possible